Online Wallet

Find out more about online wallets and its various advantages over cash and credit cards. Keep reading to learn how to select an online wallet wisely.

Online Wallet: Why You Should Use It for Your Digital Currencies

Most people find it incredibly convenient to avoid bringing cash or credit cards while making in-store purchases. With the help of digital wallets, it quickly became easier to buy products without compromising the security of your funds.

By definition, digital wallets are electronic devices that help people make monetary transactions without the physical forms of currencies. Apart from using the platforms for local purchases, these can also be utilized online.

You may use a digital wallet by simply connecting your card details or cryptocurrency information. Besides being used for basic financial transfers, digital wallets are also used in your personal authentication. One of its most commonly used types is the online wallet.

It may be confusing at first since you may not be familiar with what an online wallet is and how it is used. Before selecting software claiming to be the best option, you should know the different features of the wallet first. Given below is an excerpt explaining digital wallets in detail:

What is an Online Wallet?

An online wallet is a web service or program accessible via the internet that will allow you to secure and control your shopping information. For instance, you can utilize it to store details of your credit cards, shipping address, passwords, and logins in various merchants on the web.

In other words, an online wallet is a place wherein everything you need to make purchases online can be found. Furthermore, it is also designed to make it easier for you to buy products from stores and people located in different parts of the globe.

Apart from this, there is also an online wallet that is meant to store cryptocurrencies. However, this does not imply that digital monies are stored literally in the platform. Instead, the online wallet will take care of the private keys that can access the digital currencies.

You can define an online wallet as something similar to your savings account in a financial institution. The difference is that you do not hold it physically. You simply use it via a stable internet connection. What makes an online wallet reliable is its quick access advantage. Furthermore, users can dispose of it whenever they wish to without complications or further fees.

Still, it is expected that an online wallet should be made with the utmost security so that hackers will not be able to intercept its structure and obtain your sensitive data such as usernames and passwords.

How do You Use an Online Wallet?

If you are about to make your first ever payment using an online wallet, you first have to register your information. Basically, your phone number is required. A PIN will be sent via SMS, which will verify your account.

Afterward, you may have to set up the online wallet with your credit card or other payment option’s details. Once you have made your first payment, you no longer have to perform the same long process with your subsequent purchases. You simply have to re-enter your PIN in order to approve the transaction.

When using an online wallet, you should learn how to identify fraudulent websites. There are various merchants that will try to obtain your personal and financial information. If you don’t turn out to be a victim of identity theft, you may end up losing your funds.

As much as possible, stick with merchants and online shops that run on a secured server. Here is one tip to find out if the web address’ Checkout or Payment page is running on a hyper text transfer protocol secure (HTTPS) communications protocol: if the web address begins with “https,” you can be certain that all communications with the website and your browser are protected.

Before confirming your payment, check if the website has a security attribute. One good example is PayPal. It is a program that will not only guarantee secure transactions but seamless monitoring as well. Every time you will make a transaction, you will be notified right away.

How Can You Choose a Secure Online Wallet?

There are standards that you have to follow in order to use a reliable online wallet. With tons of options on the web, it might be overwhelming, especially for first-time users. However, things can get easier if you try to read up on the basics when selecting an online wallet.

Always remind yourself that no matter how many cool-sounding features an online wallet has, it will not always guarantee its security. To choose a secure online wallet, simply follow these recommendations:

Always Consider Security First. You should know that the security measures applied by an online wallet are paramount. If you are going to work on an online platform, you should always check if your account is accessible on an https site, which means that a secure protocol is being used.

Furthermore, an online wallet must be available for access only when strong logins are used. As much as possible, find a digital wallet that works on a two-factor authentication (2FA).

Choose a Wallet Using Multisignature Authorization. The wallet you use must always have a high level of protection against online theft and hacks. Multisignature is a technology that requires more than one key to approve a transaction. This means that there must be multiple parties to authorize the transfer of funds.

Consider Your Control Over Funds. If you are going to use an online wallet for your cryptocurrencies, always select one that will give you control over the private keys. There are online wallets that will not allow you to possess the user names and passwords for your digital monies.

Always select a digital wallet that will not prohibit you from moving the monies in and out of the wallet regardless of the time frame. You should also be able to back up the private keys when you want to.

Verify the Transparency. Online wallets must be run by an open source provider. This way, you won’t be left unaware when it comes to the security of your digital currencies. The open source providers of online wallets must also be up-to-date.

Never Forget Convenience. It is best to find an online wallet that is easy to use and trusted by many clients. The configuration and access of your financial information must be straightforward and easy.


By following the tips provided above, you will find it easier to find an online wallet that will not end up exposing your monetary information or funds to theft. Besides the basics of choosing a digital wallet provider, consider taking into account your preferences as well.