How to Choose Bitcoin Cash (BCC/BCH) Wallet

If you happen to be using Bitcoins for a long time now, there must be two aspects or thoughts playing on your mind. The first thought is, you specifically don’t yet care about claiming your Bitcoins and thereby keeping to use them in future through cryptocurrency fluently and without any problem. But, the point which is more concerned about, is the point where you actually care about your Bitcoins and you now want to claim your bitcoins.

Is there any way to claim bitcoins? Yes, there are a number of ways through which you can claim your bitcoins. But, before that, why do you want to claim your bitcoins? For business reasons, for investments or for selling, your share of bitcoins?

In any way, if you are eager to claim your bitcoins, irrespective of whether you want to sell them or for any reason you must be having, it is important that you know how you can claim your share of bitcoin cash.

Claiming Bitcoin Cash (BCC/BCH)

The way in which you can claim your bitcoin cash is through choosing a Bitcoin Cash (BCC/BCH) Wallet. Do note that both the abbreviations, BCC and BCH stands for Bitcoin Coin Cash. But, is it a very easy task to choose a specific bitcoin cash wallet if you need to claim your bitcoin cash? Well, it mainly depends on how you react to your situations and this is where we are going to step in to illuminate you with information. You can follow the procedure properly it is of course easy to claim your bitcoin cash.

As said before, the initial step of claiming your bitcoin cash is through the selection of a bitcoin cash wallet, which is a very important decision to make. You mainly have the availability of four different wallets in regards to bitcoin cash. These four different wallets from where you can claim your bitcoin cash are:

  • Software Wallet
  • Hardware Wallet
  • Paper Wallet
  • Online Wallet

Let us now dive further into these four different types and look at what these types of wallets have to offer us in regards to claiming bitcoin cash.

Software Wallets for Claiming Bitcoin Cash

The available software wallets for claiming your share of the bitcoin cash are basically the different software which we can download for our personal computer and mobile phones (what we call “app” or “applications” in terms of mobile phones or smart phones languages). To mention, there are loads and loads of software wallets which claims to support bitcoin cash, but not all of them are the ideal and the picture perfect software wallet you want.

One of the best available is the “Breadwallet” which is a software wallet for bitcoin cash. Indeed, one of the fastest software and this also decentralizes the concept even better due to the presence of only 3 peers and the absence of the presence of a server. Though, this software is available for all iOS platform based devices. Do note that this software, as of now, supports the withdrawal support of one time.
Bitcoin Cash mobile wallet allows you to buy, send, store, and receive Bitcoin cash quickly and easily. For example the Bitcoin Wallet By, the new version 3.6.0 added Bitcoin Cash (BCC/BCH) Support. Users can use this wallet on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, OSX and more. See the screenshot.

Hardware Wallets for Claiming Bitcoin Cash

Next, is the use of hardware wallets for claiming bitcoin cash successfully? Now, over the times, many people have repeated given us queries on whether opting for a hardware wallet for claiming bitcoin cash is safe and secure or not. Well, it is safe and secure. If by chance, there has been some bug or issue regarding the security section, the hardware wallet will be closed down temporarily with your entire share safe.

This is what happened to a hardware wallet called “Trezor”. But, there is no scope of worry as the bitcoin cash has been successfully saved. But, to resolve your options, there is the presence of another still strong going hardware wallet for claiming bitcoin cash. This is “Ledger”, one of the most popular hardware wallets in the list. Ledger is fully safe and trusted and also used by many people. Thus, if you are looking for a hardware wallet, Ledger can be your choice to claim bitcoin cash.

Paper Wallets for Claiming Bitcoin Cash

Don’t just opt for paper wallets for the sake of opting for a wallet if you need to claim your bitcoin cash. This is a special type of a wallet designed for people to use to claim their bitcoin cash. The working of these paper wallets are set mainly for a very long term use. Obviously, that doesn’t mean that if you have to claim your bitcoin cash instantly, you cannot do it. You can definitely claim your bitcoin cash instantly.

But, the term of usage of these paper wallets should be for a long time as that is the way these paper wallets have been specially designed with the corresponding levels of security. Another point to note, which comes as a must with these paper wallets are the use of private keys.

These private keys are used for high class security systems and therefor you should be very concerned about these private keys in not losing them at any cost. Thereby, if you want to go ahead with a paper wallet for claiming your bitcoin cash successfully, you can definitely have a look at the widely used paper wallet, open the “” site to create a paper wallet. Refer to the screenshot of paper wallet as above.

Online Wallets for Claiming Bitcoin Cash

To start off things, this method of choosing the bitcoin cash wallet can be very easy, handy and also user friendly, but, do remember that there is always a percent of risk involved in online methods. Though this is not a discouraging factor, just to keep you on your thinking spirit, but as using online methods are very practical, you may also want to opt for an online method. One of the most used BCC online wallet is wallet, users can create a wallet online, look at above screenshot. If that is the case, then you can go through the “” to claim your bitcoin cash successfully through an online wallet.

So, there you have the four most important types of methods available for claiming your share of your bitcoin cash by choosing the appropriate and the correct bitcoin cash wallet. Please make your decision very carefully and go through all the official notifications of all the wallets that has been mentioned. We do hope that this information was useful and to your fullest knowledge.