Hardware Wallet

Learn more about a hardware wallet, its difference to other types of Bitcoin storage platforms, and how to select one with more reliable features to offer.

Hardware Wallet: Find Out More About This Type of Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin owners are often on the lookout for a secure and convenient bitcoin wallet that they can bring almost anywhere. Apparently, when you are using a desktop wallet, there is still the threat and possibility of decryption by expert hackers. This can be a problem, especially if you are storing large amounts of cryptocurrencies.

This is when you need a reliable backup or a hardware wallet. From the name itself, it will not be based on your PC, mobile, or web browser. Instead, your private keys can be found in a secure and portable hardware, which is often a thumb or flash drive.

Prior to selecting a hardware wallet, you should also learn more about its concept. Keep reading for more information about hardware wallets:

What is A Hardware Wallet?

A hardware wallet is a special type of storage for your cryptocurrency private keys. As mentioned above, instead of software, you will be using hardware which you can either store in your safe or bring with you at all times.

There are a variety of reasons why people opt for hardware wallets for their cryptocurrencies. Primarily, the fact that standard software wallets do not often store user names and passwords in a microcontroller’s protected area. With a hardware wallet, this is a function you can take advantage of all the time.

Furthermore, you can be certain that a hardware wallet is developed to be immune to computer viruses. It is understandable that unlike software wallets, the hardware variants are more difficult to infiltrate.

Also, hardware wallets are considered more interactive other than being secure. It is also stated by its avid users that it does not necessarily require software import, unlike paper wallets.

Software wallets are open-source applications most of the time. This implies that a user can validate the device’s entire operation, but this is not the case with a hardware wallet.

Is There a Security Risk With Hardware Wallets?

According to reports, there has been no verifiable report regarding security failure when using a hardware wallet. Despite the fact that the bitcoin wallet is considered new in the industry, it was able to sustain a good track record.

However, you must be aware that hardware wallets will always be targets of theft. There will likely be attempts in breaking into its security. This means that the overall protection of your private keys will also depend on how you use it.

For instance, you should know that a hardware wallet will not protect you from transferring cryptocurrencies to a wrong address. In order to eliminate this risk, you should use multiple layers of a recipient’s Bitcoin address when initiating transactions.

Viruses in your PC have the capability to track the high-value transactions made using your wallet. From this point on, it can also exchange the real address with a fake one, which is apparently controlled by a thief.

Most importantly, even a hardware wallet is not perfect. If you can encounter software bugs, there may be hardware implementation issues as well. These can be used as loopholes by attackers.

How Do You Use a Hardware Wallet?

Hardware wallets are meant to work alongside your software cryptocurrency storage based on a computer. The purpose of a bitcoin wallet is to keep your transaction confirmation, private key storage, and private key creation secure.

Normally, the wallets provide random numbers in order to create private keys. This way, the difficulty level of decrypting your passwords will be high. The generated private key will then be kept in your hardware wallet, which is also protected by a PIN. This means that even if the wallet falls into the hands of another person, it will be useless to them.

In case your hardware wallet is stolen or lost, you can still recover it without putting your private keys at risk.

How Can You Choose a Reliable Hardware Wallet?

There are various ways of selecting a dependable hardware wallet. Be reminded that not all hardware wallets available today are trustworthy despite their alleged great features. You must also evaluate your options carefully without neglecting your preferences.

Take note that there is no perfect hardware, which is the same case with software wallets. You simply have to end up with a hardware wallet that can offer you a higher level of security. Given below are recommendations on finding one:

Choose a Hardware Wallet With a High Level of Security. You must find a hardware wallet that is designed for various secure applications. In other words, its third-party functions will be isolated from the firmware itself. This will keep your cryptocurrencies from the risk of quick access.

It is also best to choose one that will also allow you to store your private keys onto an external memory card. This way, even if a hardware wallet is supposed to be a backup, there is also another copy of your important user names and passwords.

Do Not Focus on the Price Point. It has recently become the norm to find hardware wallets that are being sold for higher price points. This is due to the above-average security offered by the option. It is understandable to sell the hardware at a higher cost than software wallets since even hackers will find it difficult to get through the device.

Besides, hard wallets are designed to remain offline by standard even if you are transferring certain amounts of cryptocurrencies to other types of storage platforms. Moreover, the wallet also makes it easy to receive digital monies with a high level of protection.

Find One That Promotes Convenience. Hardware wallets are known to be very easy to use, which is why your product of choice must live up to your expectations. At present, there are already options that have touchscreen controls for quick access to settings and your funds.


With the given facts above, you are likely more interested to purchase a hardware wallet instead of simply sticking to software storage solely. If you are looking for a way to protect your long-term savings, a secure hardware wallet is definitely a good choice. Moreover, it is an ideal option if you want to store private keys to your digital currencies that do not require regular access.
Simply follow the guidelines provided above to find a hardware wallet that will comply with your needs. As clarified earlier, focus on the quality of the product than on its price.