Desktop Wallet

Learn more about desktop wallets, the security it offers, and how you can choose a trustworthy software application to access the cryptocurrency storage.

Desktop Wallet: What It Is and How to Choose One

You might have come across various articles and web content pertaining to a desktop wallet. However, you might be confused about the concept since you are not familiar with the term. Keep in mind that in order for you to select a desktop wallet, you must know its nature beforehand.

According to most people, mobile wallets are less secure compared to desktop wallets, which could be why the latter became more popular today. If you are new to the world of wallets or its desktop version, you must read the following excerpt first:

What Is a Desktop Wallet?

A desktop wallet was made in order to provide people with better options of transferring their Bitcoin payments. From the name itself, you can access the wallet from your desktop computer. It is a secure digital wallet that will not only send Bitcoin but other virtual currencies as well. Storing and receiving the digital monies can also be carried out by the desktop wallet.

You must know that a desktop wallet does not necessarily store your cryptocurrencies literally. Instead, there is a secure digital code that is kept, which is also known as a private key. The said private key indicates the ownership and provides the public key attached to a certain amount of digital currency.

By implication, a desktop wallet stores both private and public keys. You can also use it in order to receive and send coins. Besides, you may as well utilize it as a personal transaction ledger.

Are Desktop Wallets Secure?

You may be hesitant to use a desktop wallet due to security issues. You must know that this type of software is made to be secure, especially now that it will handle monetary values though digital in form. Apart from the keys and user names, there is nothing better than using a desktop wallet with utmost care.

It is actually advised that you should not keep too many currencies in your wallet. Store the ones you need the most. Furthermore, it is best not to use a single wallet with a high amount of digital monies. Instead, you should consider various wallets to spread out your valuables.

Alternatively, it is also suggested that you back up your desktop wallet now and then. Encryption is present, but it is always useful to have a flash drive or CD where the hard copy of your wallet can be found.

How Can You Choose A Trustworthy Desktop Wallet?

There are surely tons of options around when it comes to finding a desktop wallet. Nonetheless, you cannot be sure instantly that the software applications are fully safe. Desktop wallets are not created equal. Most of the time, each kind of wallet will offer you varying features.

In order to ensure that you will end up with the best desktop wallet that will not compromise the safety of your funds, you should know the specifics to look for. To help with this task, given below are steps you should follow before deciding on a desktop wallet:

Identify Your Operating System. Since you will be working on a desktop wallet, ensure that the software you will install is compatible with your present operating system. Fortunately, most of the desktop wallets today run on major OS options such as Windows, Linux, and OSX.

The operating system you are using will also affect the setup process of the software. Unlike the cloud-based wallets you have encountered, desktop wallets often take some time to install. The storage platform for cryptocurrencies is also known to help anyone keep a large amount of money when necessary.

Be Patient for Security. You will find that desktop wallets available in full nodes. In other words, it will download a full copy of the blockchain into your desktop. Apparently, this can take a lot of time. Furthermore, the software will also take up a large amount of space on your PC.

The said software is actually recommendable since it has a higher level of security. Primarily, this is due to the fact that you do not need to deposit funds in a centralized area. It also does not use a third party application so that you can access your cryptocurrencies easily.

Consider the Extra Features. There are desktop wallets that will offer you extra features, which will likely require extra fees but these are often affordable. Common examples of added capabilities of the software are prepaid debit cards, exchange facilities, and voucher discounts.

There are software applications that will help you carry your cryptocurrencies through a debit card. This way, you can also utilize your bitcoin or digital monies when you want to buy from local shops. As expected, there are varying fees associated with the card use.

You must know that not all desktop wallets are valid exchange platforms. You should check first if the trading facility of your chosen desktop wallet is worth the added price. For instance, you should verify if it has the full suite or a simple set of features for trading.

Lastly, you have the voucher discounts, which can be used either online or at local shops. The discounts are accessed by coupons.

Check Out Reviews Online. If you would like to find the best desktop wallet around, there is nothing more reliable than reading the customer reviews. The feedback will definitely give you insights on both the advantages and disadvantages of different software applications for storing cryptocurrencies.

Most of the time, reviews also include the unique features of the available desktop wallets. This will help you compare and contrast your options and secure a wise decision.


From the given facts above, you are now aware of what a desktop wallet is. It is incredibly useful and has the guarantee of security compared to its counterparts. However, if you are selecting one, you must be reminded that there is no such thing as a 100 percent high-quality desktop wallet. You should know that although you are given some suggested steps to follow, you should also prioritize your needs.

Every wallet owner has their unique preferences. Take into consideration what you are looking for in a desktop wallet. For instance, choose whether you wish to prioritize convenience over security or vice-versa.